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The concept of "betting" is based on the English word bet, which translates as "bet". The term itself refers to the process of betting: there are two players, one of whom is trying to win a certain amount of money from the other. Of course, there are bets between individuals, but the most striking manifestation of betting is bookmaking.

Bookmaking is the conclusion of a monetary bet on the outcome of an event (sports, elections, beauty contest, etc.). In such a "dispute" there are two sides - the player (better) and the bookmaker. When a bookmaker wins, the better's bet goes to its disposal. If luck is on the side of the player, then he receives a win, the size of which exceeds the bet. The amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet and the coefficient, which is set by the bookmaker.

How affiliate betting works

Betting affiliate program is an affiliate program aimed at promoting the websites of bookmakers or prediction sellers. Such programs, based on the exploitation of human passion, provide monthly earnings, which amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles. The game at the office (especially attempts to make money on predicting the results of sporting events) can successfully compete with the casino: users are very actively spending money on such "entertainment".

Affiliate betting may be of interest to:

  • legal bookmakers that have official permission to accept bets on the Internet;
  • illegal bookmakers that accept bets in violation of the law. Posting on the site a link to such offices or their advertising is dangerous - the resource will definitely fall under sanctions;
  • sites that sell forecasts;
  • aggregators that attract visitors with offers from various gambling niches (including bookmakers).

Advertisers in betting partner programs are ready to pay for the following targeted actions of attracted users:

  • Depositing funds to the account that will be used to place bets.
  • Purchase of paid analytical content. Sometimes in such cases, the affiliate or webmaster has to wait quite a long time: at first privateers prefer to use free predictions and only after a while they switch to paid content.

Payouts from betting partners are carried out according to the following schemes:

  • CPA - a fixed payout for each active player;
  • a certain percentage of the deposit made by the user (can reach 50%);

RevShare (revshara) - a percentage of the income of the betting company. The amount of payments is usuallyUsually the amount of payments is from 40 to 60%.

Traffic sources in betting affiliate programs

A serious limitation in this direction is the negative attitude towards the advertising of bookmakers on the part of large exchanges with good traffic. Often, teaser networks or direct agreements with the owners of entertainment sites or resources with similar topics, the purchase of advertising posts on social networks and from the owners of YouTube channels are often used to drain traffic. Also, webmasters often purposefully create their own sites, which allow you to quickly and relatively cheaply attract the target audience.

The main sources of traffic in betting affiliate programs are the following:

  • resources that offer online broadcasts of matches, as well as free predictions and content interesting for fans (team news, standings);
  • communities in social networks designed for fans of a particular sport or individual teams. Often on such resources you can find free predictions and active discussion by users of sporting events. When working with such sites, it is advisable to publish reviews from fake accounts, which increases the level of trust in advertising;
  • YouTube channels offering reviews of matches, races, fights and other sporting events, stories about players, teams, and predictions for future matches. Effective technique - enticing information about the life of a fictional successful privateer who is ready to share his secrets;
  • Telegram sports channels containing analytical materials and free predictions. It may seem that the audience on Telegram is small compared to other social networks, but often people in this category respond well to advertising;
  • doorways (can be good sources of SEO traffic);
  • resources with "ratings" of bookmakers, reviews and, of course, affiliate links. Often these sites have news sections, as well as sections with educational and informational content on the topic of betting.

In all cases, except for specialized content (sports or forecasts), success stories “enter” quite well. A good option is fascinating stories about successful bets, big winnings and how the winnings were spent.


An important point: you can only work with betting affiliates of official bookmakers that have permission to accept bets on the Internet. Otherwise, the webmaster or arbitrator will only waste resources in vain - the blocking of sites is inevitable.

An interesting fact about betting:

  1. The stereotype that marginals are interested in betting, who are already balancing on the verge of dependence and are ready to give their last pennies, is wrong. A portrait of a typical better: a man aged 24-35 years old, monthly income is about 50,000 rubles. An average of 1,500 rubles is allocated per bet. Most of these people do not consider themselves professionals: they bet for pleasure or just for the company, and losing is perceived quite easily.
  2. The history of the betting business knows many cases of ridiculous bets. For example, players once had a real opportunity to win incredibly big if Elvis Presley shot down a UFO with a gun, after which the aircraft fell into Loch Ness and killed the local monster. The coefficient for this event is impressive - 1 to 15,000,000.