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Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining, ICO - all this and much more from the world of the crypto industry is relevant for working with affiliate programs in the "crypto" niche. In this case, investors and traders are attracted, as well as those wishing to participate in new crypto-startups from all over the world. A separate large place is occupied by crypto-exchanges, which allow you to trade and exchange cryptocurrency among themselves. A large area in these crypto affiliate programs is occupied by the niche of cryptocurrency mining. Geography covers most countries of the world. Payments are made for all kinds of actions: from registration, sale, to investing in a project or connecting capacities to cryptocurrency mining and other targeted actions.
Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are a way to make money by attracting investors or clients to crypto exchanges, cloud mining services, as well as to exchangers and ICO projects. Such affiliate programs are beneficial both for affiliates and for owners of sites and communities, who get an excellent opportunity to drain traffic from their resources.

Why is the direction of the crypt so popular?

Firstly, cryptocurrencies have a better reputation than other profitable niches (forex, gambling, etc.).
Secondly, it is not very difficult to find your own niche in this area with low competition, promote your website or decide on the purchase of traffic on exchanges - the abundance of terms for “mining” and the turnover of cryptocurrencies, as well as the fact that forks and new alternative currencies appear constantly, greatly simplify the task.
Thirdly, this direction is very promising. So, most cryptocurrency exchanges are engaged not only in exchange - they allow you to carry out trading operations and earn on the difference in the rates of numerous digital currencies, and also provide web wallet services. All exchanges need customers, so they are ready to pay for their attraction.
In addition, due to the increased complexity of computing and the unprofitability of mining farms, cloud mining services are becoming more and more popular. The income of arbitrage specialists working in this area can grow significantly in the future. Those wishing to take part in affiliate programs of bitcoin exchanges must register on the exchange and become a member of the referral program, or simply choose the right offer in a large CPA network.

Traffic channels and audience for crypto affiliate programs

The main sources of traffic in crypto affiliate programs are doorways or sites that are dedicated to the following topics:

  • cryptocurrencies;
  • mining;
  • online earnings;
  • Internet business;
  • investments.

They also often use Yandex.Direct and/or AdWords contextual advertising, as well as targeted advertising on VKontakte. An important point for partners is that on-demand advertising with a brand is banned! Unfortunately, advertising of cryptocurrencies on Facebook is prohibited, therefore, in order to attract traffic to crypto offers, in this case, you can only negotiate with community admins to publish specific promo posts or use spam.
The audience of cryptocurrency affiliate programs is men over 30 years old, for whom making money on the Internet is the main or additional source of income. These are geeks who believe in the power of crypto, and professional investors, and people who invest for their own pleasure. The last category includes advanced office workers who have little money and a lot of desire to get a return on them.

What and how do crypto affiliates pay?

Payments in crypto affiliate programs are made in cryptocurrency. The main model of work is CPS. Payments are made after the user makes a minimum deposit (for example, from $250). The webmaster or arbitrator, depending on the user's GEO, receives 300-800 dollars. The percentage of conversion from registrations in the deposit is on average 4-17%. This indicator is influenced by various factors (the quality and uniqueness of the pre-lander, the freshness of the creative at the source, the efficiency of calling the call center, etc.).
Interesting facts about crypto offers
The contender for the title of "The most stupid ICO" is the Paquarium project, the authors of which want to build at least somewhere the largest aquarium on Earth. The fundraiser is in full swing, but there is no business plan or any real idea - there are only videos, simple 3D models and a guarantee of lifetime free visits. To the logical question “How exactly will the aquarium be built?” a simple answer follows: many bricks will simply stack one on top of the other.