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Dating offers are affiliate programs in which payment is made for the user's activity on a dating site. The following resources are usually interested in such affiliate programs:

  • regular dating sites whose visitors seek to establish friendships or romantic relationships;
  • adult sites that search for partners for intimate meetings;
  • dating sites for people with non-traditional orientation;
  • social online games involving, among other things, communication with the opposite sex.

Members of dating chats get paid for various activities of the users they referred. Most often, payments are made in cases where the visitor:

  • registered with email or mobile phone confirmation;
  • filled out a profile and uploaded a photo;
  • is active on the site (for example, writes to other people first);
  • bought paid services (raising the questionnaire, gifts, etc.).

Traffic sources in the dating vertical

There are a huge number of options, among which there are both paid and free. We will look at several popular sources, the effectiveness of which has been proven by many webmasters.

Dating apps and social networks (thematic communities)
This method is quite simple, but it is very popular with "competitors" and requires a significant amount of time. The key to success is the presence of a believable account on behalf of an attractive girl and the ability to correspond with everyone who is interested. It is in the process of direct communication that you need to find an excuse and throw a link to the desired resource. You also need to remember that links in the profile description are usually banned quickly and mercilessly.

FB+whatsapp bot/Instagram+whatsapp bot
The algorithm of actions is similar, however, the communication is carried out by a bot in Telegram, which itself redirects those interested to the dating site.

As with other social networks, you need to create a valid account (without links in the description) and process all incoming messages in direct.

Banner and teaser advertising
This option is great for those who don't have the time or inclination to actively engage with potential leads. The most popular in this case are sites with adult content, sports resources, sites with a predominantly male audience (cars, weapons, hunting / fishing, men's magazines, etc.), information sites with a large flow of traffic. Banners can be placed through an ad network or directly through an advertiser.

A showcase site containing ratings of dating resources, reviews and testimonials
One of the most effective "white" ways for those who want to advertise in context.

Payment models in dating affiliate programs

Typically, affiliate programs of this type use the following payment models:

  • Single opt-in (SOI): the user must fill out a questionnaire on the site and click the "OK" button;
  • Double opt-in (DOI): payments are made in two steps - filling out an application and confirming it (usually via an e-mail link);
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS): payout is a percentage of the sale or depends on the amount spent by the referred user;
  • RevShare: the user must purchase a membership on the site. This model is popular with regular dating sites.

Target audience of dating

Due to the specificity of the audience, not all affiliates can work effectively with dating offers. It is very difficult to make an approximate portrait of a Central Asian representative, because we are talking about a huge number of men and women under the age of 60, single and married, with different orientations. However, the entire audience can be divided into several categories:

  • Teenagers and young people who try to make new acquaintances on the Internet.
  • Users of both sexes and all ages, whose main goal is short-term and long-term intimate relationships.
  • People with very busy schedules who don't have the time or inclination to look for a soul mate. Usually, such users are looking for members of the opposite sex who are ready to spend time together (including intimate ones) for material reward.
  • Introverted people of any age who just need someone to talk to.
  • Alphonses and "kept wemen" who are looking for sponsors (most often found on adult sites and webcam chats).
  • Representatives of sexual minorities who do not want to openly declare their orientation.
  • Perverts.

Each category has favorite sites and applications for communication, each audience needs its own enticing slogans and creatives. The latter should be attractive and, if possible, have novelty. One of the undoubted leaders is beautiful girls in various variations (active calls for acquaintance, a screenshot of an account with a social network icon, candid photos and much more). As in other cases, creative is highly dependent on GEO and audience preferences.

Interesting Dating Facts:

  • annual income of the online dating industry is about 1.8 billion dollars;
  • the gap between the New Year and Valentine's Day is a period of increased activity and an increase in the number of new registrations on many dating sites. Especially "active" is the end of the long January weekend;
  • when filling out the questionnaire, men usually increase their height by a few centimeters, and women reduce their weight by several kilograms.