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Дмитрий Романов

Саппорт реально молодцы, очень много помогли по буржу, дали информацию для старта по Венгрии и Австрии, очень широкое гео, выплаты наладил каждую неделю на Вебмани.

Екатерина Басова

Молодцы ребята, я даж не представляю, сколько нужно усилий, чтобы держать на плаву столько гео. Работаю с ними с момента появления. Поначалу были недоработки и косяки, но все решалось. Видно, что прогресс не стоит на месте – новые гео, классные офферы, стабильные выплаты. Рекомендую


Лидбит всегда отношу к числу лучших партнерок по моим личным критериям – с комфортными, стабильными условиями для работы, вполне достойным апрувом, функциональным рабочим кабинетом и мощной статистикой для оперативного внесения необходимых корректив.


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NEW OFFER - START WORKING Hello there! While your national teams are smashing the rivals, we continue to open new financial offers. We'd like to make financial world so clear as the yesterday's match - Russia-Egypt 😉 Now we suggest you to start working with the offer with payouts for every provided loan 💰 Every approved request for Russia costs $11. Kredito 24 - https://goo.gl/jTFzgp In the financial world MFI offers earn the reputation of the perspective offers which work well in different countries and ages. No reasons to tell the details about Russia, we have already discussed it before. Who asks for microcredits? Anyone! The students, retired people, adults!🙋‍♀️ Everybody who needs money, everybody who needs money for sometime. All ages are to MFI submissive ;) Start working! Catch them in the social networks or via ad networks. The nice financial profit is waiting for you!💲 #Leadbit #Leadbitteam #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitfinance #MFI #money #rates #request
BONUS FROM MGID - ONLY FOR LEADBIT PARTNERS After the increased rates for Romania we have prepared the exclusive bonus from MGID, only for Leadbit partners 💪 If you don't know about MGID, you don't know the world, because these guys open the world 🌍 MGID is an international ad network with super terms for work 🤑 More than 50 billions of views, more than 50 mil of unique visitors, English traffic etc. You may get luxury access to MGID with us ;) Look for MGID bonus on our website, link the bonus and get $100 for the first deposit and get +5% cashback. This action is possible only for Leadbit partners, hurry up to get profitable terms )) #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #CPA #COD #cashondelivery #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #adnetwork #MGID #bonus #cashback
ROMANIAN WEEK IN LEADBIT – THE RATES ARE UP TO $20 Salut to all! One more spontaneous decision! This time we’re going to work with the new rates for Romania 💥 FIERCE RATES AND GUARANTEED APPROVE It’s time to earn in the Romanian market. We have increased rates, get $20 for every Romanian lead. Ask the managers for details and get the guaranteed approve up to 60%. CPA DIGEST FOR ROMANIA We have gathered some useful facts and recommendations about this GEO. We're sharing them with you in our CPA guide in the blog – https://goo.gl/iCrG9n The details about Romanian target audience, popular websites and features of locals – everything is here. ALTERNATIVE TRAFFIC SOURCES We’re continuing to give you more bonuses from our partners and friends – international brands, top ad networks and other traffic sources. Look for bonuses in the “Bonus” section on our website - https://goo.gl/bef3eP. Catch the Romanian profit! Get more money with us! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #rates #lead #guide #digest #CPA #COD #cashondelivery
FROM ZERO TO HERO WITH LEADBIT Ole! Ole-ole-ole, we are the champions 💪 Let's begin FIFA World Cup in Russia together! We're going rooting for the best teams of the world and enjoying the most spectacular kind of sport for the whole month! Whoo! Stay tuned, support your national teams and Leadbit offers, get super gifts and bonuses ;) The number and the size of the gifts depend on tonight's match 🤣 Love football and Leadbit! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #FIFA #WorldCup2018 #football
FIERCE OFFERS FOR VIETNAM Vietnam is continuing to be on the TOP-3 Asian GEOs - the time for fatality is coming! Grab 3 victorious offers for each type of offers!💥 Adult Eroforce VN (low price) - https://goo.gl/oQL2N1 Beauty: ChocoFit VN - https://goo.gl/KVuwzy Health: Detoxant VN - https://goo.gl/3FJ9Ks The Vietnamese audience doesn’t have any chances to resist these fierce offers. Remind you that there are a lot of opportunities to work with this GEO, there are some comfortable and profitable traffic sources, except FB. International ad networks, popular local search engine coccoc.com, which has some ad opportunities, messenger Zalo etc. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on the Vietnamese market! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #offer #Italy #guide #digest #CPA #cashondelivery #COD
ITALIAN WEEK IN LEADBIT – RATES ARE UP TO $30💥 Hey guys! Let’s go to hot Italy with the awesome rates and super terms! TOP RATES AND COOL PERSONAL MANAGERS🤑 Get super rates which are up to $30 per every Italian lead with us and promote tough Leadbit offers in Italy! Ask your personal managers, show your stats and get MORE money! SHORT BUT USEFUL ITALIAN CPA-DIGEST💪 Is Italy overcrowded? Are you afraid to work with one of the most profitable GEOs? Don’t be so cowardly! Nutra in Italy is the new black! It’s always alive like delicious and popular pizza Margarita! Catch some helpful tips about Italian features – https://goo.gl/Z47kBp BONUSES FROM ALTERNATIVE TRAFFIC SOURCES💫 Are your FB accounts already banned? Did you decide to give up? Hey you! Italy is the super country to earn a lot! Nothing should be bothering you! Nutra works well in Italy with ad networks. MGID and Adskeeper are always on top. Work with our partners and get special terms and more money! COOL IDEAS FOR YOUR CREATIVES😉 Can’t you gather your thoughts and make wonderful working creatives? Don’t get stage fright! Get extremely high discounts for Adplexity subscription in “Bonus” section on Leadbit.com and +$50 to your Leadbit account for your first A/B testings. Be inspired, gather cool ideas and start earning with us! Bro, we do everything for you! Seize the day and Italian stuff will be in your arms! Forza Italia! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #offer #Italy #guide #digest #CPA #cashondelivery #COD
LEADBIT & ADSKEEPER WILL DOUBLE YOUR INCOME! Hey, today is Saturday that means no need to set up alarm for the next day, but surely need to set up the ad campaigns before your competitors woke up. ;) We are proud to announce Leadbit & Adskeeper Network partnership that allows you testing high-earning way of your traffic monetization. It’s super-easy to receive the special deals, you just need to: ↗️ Choose any Leadbit adult offer to promote in the AdsKeeper network ↗️ Let your Leadbit and AdsKeeper account managers know about your plan ↗️ Create your first campaign in AdsKeeper dashboard (which is super-easy, by the way) ↗️ And get up to $5 your payout, plus 10% cashback from your ad budget! Ready to begin? Check the step-by-step guide on how to create first ad campaign with Leadbit offer in AdsKeeper Network - https://goo.gl/CFd5Vx If you want more details, feel free to ping your manager on Skype. Boost your income with Leadbit & AdsKeeper this weekend, Cheers! :) #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #Leadbitpartners #adskeeper #nativeads #dsptraffic #adnetwork #guide #offer #COD #cashondelivery
$10 - IS IT ENOUGH TO TEST NEW TRAFFIC SOURCE? Hey there! Catch a new trend! Push notifications are becoming increasingly popular and profitable ad format. We decided to not waste the time and immediately break into this matter with a hot bonus! Sign up in Megapu.sh and get $10 by Leadbit promo code! Here is how it works: - Skype your AM and get an individual promotional code. We have only 100 promo codes, so hurry up - Join Megapu.sh using our promo code - Get $10 to balance for tests! Some tips for working with Push notifications: 1) Change creatives. Download multiple options at once. If the same message pops up 10 times on the phone or laptop screen, it is unlikely to generate a big number of leads 2) Information guides. Follow the news of the day in a particular region, the biggest world events, the mainstream memes and use it in your ads. This way your ads will be more native - not just advertising, but notification of an important event. 3) Translations into local languages. About the native language, adapt the texts to the local audience - translate it into local languages of the countries you target. We will help with the adaptations, just create a request via tickets. 4) Use desktop and mobile separately. Create different campaigns and track which conversion rate is higher. make poor ad campaigns disabled, the ordinary way you do. 5) Test the time of delivery of the notifications. Create several campaigns with different settings for the time of sending notifications. As a result, you will determine at what time the offer is working better. Well, the last important thing you need to check before starting, it’s a short case study with MegaPush & Leadbit offers. You may say it's not the full case, but it clearly shows that the push-notifications are really working. Details - https://goo.gl/aScHFv Push the tempo! :) #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #offers #GEO #CPA #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #pushnotification
ONE WEEK BEFORE FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 RUSSIA! In one week, all the world will be engaged in the biggest football competition of the year - FIFA World Cup 2018. Your heart is beating and your blood pressure is racing? Millions of fans are already going crazy and taking tons of pills! We couldn’t miss this chance and launched a new offer for particularly exciting fans. Meet our fresh soothing offer in the health niche! RECARDIO - PRESSURE STABILIZING PRODUCT https://goo.gl/nJUXfe Instead of jokes, these capsules to treat high blood pressure are quite relevant to a more age-old audience in Europe, which takes care of their health and tries to maintain the body in good shape by any means available. So make the right creatives (less aggression - more care) and grab big profit! ;) New feature: everyone who buys traffic form ad networks can get bonuses from our partners and from us personally! +$$$ to basic payout or your payment. Find it on Bonus Page - leadbit.com/bonus For the best rates, ping your AM on Skype. Ole-Ole-Ole! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #offers #GEO #CPA #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #Leadbitineurope #fifaworldcup
TOP MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS - MAY'18 Hey you! The mobile subscriptions can be different but the best of them are in our top! The entertaining content is always successful, also the subs should be available and easy to set up. The best offers in this case are the subs for real men ;) But boys are interested in them not less! Just 2 clicks and pretty babies are here! Catch TOP May with this kind of offers ;) Bikini Hot CZ - https://goo.gl/xJKTb7 Newvideos Mainstream CZ - https://goo.gl/aTvs6A Gamers MX - https://goo.gl/G7M1o3 The Czech Republic is the leader again. The retired people and young men like the subs for men and often choose them. Mexica likes just games )) that's why the children are possible target audience for this offer. These subscriptions are really working and profitable. Just take them and start doing business! Remember that there aren't a lot of nice subscriptions on the market ;) Good luck! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #subscriptions #1clickflow #2clickflow #offer #top #May