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Дмитрий Романов

Саппорт реально молодцы, очень много помогли по буржу, дали информацию для старта по Венгрии и Австрии, очень широкое гео, выплаты наладил каждую неделю на Вебмани.

Екатерина Басова

Молодцы ребята, я даж не представляю, сколько нужно усилий, чтобы держать на плаву столько гео. Работаю с ними с момента появления. Поначалу были недоработки и косяки, но все решалось. Видно, что прогресс не стоит на месте – новые гео, классные офферы, стабильные выплаты. Рекомендую


Лидбит всегда отношу к числу лучших партнерок по моим личным критериям – с комфортными, стабильными условиями для работы, вполне достойным апрувом, функциональным рабочим кабинетом и мощной статистикой для оперативного внесения необходимых корректив.


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EXTREMELY HIGH GREEK RATES BY LEADBIT Καλημέρα, dear friends!✌️ We’re continuing to give super hot rates for Europe! This time we have finally conquered Olympus – Greek rates can’t resist and start to grow rapidly!👆 By the way, Greece has been in the top of GEOs for some weeks – this is your great chance to be golden! You have an opportunity to know more about Greek target audience in our CPA digest, where you’ll find some useful points to set up your advertising campaigns. Check it out here - https://goo.gl/sTmZCx Collamask GR - rejuvenating cream mask - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/348 Hair Megaspray GR - hair spray - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/349 Valgosocks GR - bunion toe straightener socks - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/347 Black Mask GR - deep cleansing mask - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/808 Welltox GR - skin whitening product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1037 One-Two Slim GR - weight loss treatment - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1076 Bioretin GR - rejuvenating cream mask - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1624 Chocolate Slim GR - weight loss treatment - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1621 Erogan GR - potency treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/313 Hondrocream GR - arthritis product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/350 Varicobooster GR — varicose vein cream - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/278 Bactefort GR - anti-parasite product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1022 Tinedol GR - antifungal solution - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1063 Gemoderm GR - hemorrhoids treatment - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1085 Psorimilk GR - anti-psoriasis product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1089 ALCOBARRIER GR - alcoholism treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/894 RevoMuscle GR - a muscle-building supplement - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/960 Nicoin GR - treatment for smoking - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1000 Get the helpful recommendations about hot Greece, the list of offers for any target audience and cool profit won’t make you wait for itself! 🙏
OUR CONTEST WITH LUXURY PRIZES – FINAL COUNTDOWN Our luxury contest with top prizes for leads is finishing. There’s just 1 week to take long-awaited cars, Apple products and other useful cool things🎁 You think: It’s a pity, that there’s no more opportunity to get cool prizes for a good job done, don’t you?😣 But not so fast! Leadbit.com helps to make your dreams come true!💫 On the 1st of March our contest will come back till the end of the spring! You can get the detailed updated terms later! But here are some important things: ⚡More offers are participating in this spring race ⚡More points for different GEOs ⚡New luxury prizes for you Let’s wait for the March 1st and join this cool race for the leads and prizes!🚗 Keep on working on your actual prizes one more winter week, Europe, Asia and LatAm are still waiting for your leads!💎 Good luck! #Leadbitgiveaway #cpa #affiliatemarketing #affiliatenetwork #cashondelivery #leadbitgroup
CATCH THE HIGH RATES FOR SLOVENIA Hello friends! While everybody was watching the ice hockey match at the Olympic Games, we were increasing all the rates for Slovenia! By the way, we really did good job ;) About 80% of users in Slovenia use the internet daily, of course, the users 20+ are more active online, the retired Slovenians 55+ try to be on top too and often use the internet in their daily routine. Catch the Slovenian offers with the bombing rates and let’s start to work with Central Europe! Here you’ll find enough offers to choose! For any taste and any target audience! Collamask SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/346 Hair Megaspray SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/369 Bust Size SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/405 Fitospray SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/288 RevoMuscle SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/964 Welltox SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1047 Erogan SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/314 El-Macho SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/471 Machoman SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/289 Maxisize SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/273 Forte Love SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/935 Hondrocream SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/372 Valgus Pro SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/415 Varicobooster SI — http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/379 Valgosocks SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/373 Bactefort SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/983 Nicoin SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1048 ALCOBARRIER SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/966 Fuel Free SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1349 Electricity Saving Box SI - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/434 Don’t waste the time and earn more with Leadbit! #offer #cpa #affiliatemarketing #affiliatenetwork #LeadbitNews #cashondelivery #leadbit #leadbitgroup
HEALTHY OFFERS IN LEADBIT Guten Abend, liebe Freunde!✌️ We’re ready to announce the new in-house product which is handled by our trusted partner Zdorov CPA – cream “Artraid” for the joints! This offer is going to become extremely popular in Germany soon! Cream “Artraid” – http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1817 New GEO: Germany Rate: $21 The meticulous Europeans are delighted by the cosmetics made of natural products! You can focus on the German people about 30 years old and older, then don’t worry about the approved requests!👌 About 90% of the population in Germany use the Internet regularly, they spend there about 3 hours daily. The men are more active on the Internet by the way they have problems with the joints more often ;) Don’t waste the time and let’s go to Berlin together! #offer #cpa #affiliatemarketing #affiliatenetwork #LeadbitNews #cashondelivery #leadbitgroup #Leadbitineurope #nutraoffers
TOP FB OFFERS LEADBIT So what, dear Mark's friends!😉 Are you ready to amaze FB world with your hella tight campaigns?! While everybody is eating traditional pancakes in Russia and burning unlucky accounts in a yellow-reddish flame, Kristina is telling super helpful story!💪 The story is about the offers which are good enough in FB and safe for your mental health ;) Meet TOP FB offers by Leadbit, it's waiting for your closer attention and tonnes of leads🤪 Let's start! Beauty Fitospray - weight loss spray DE - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/275 RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/220 IT - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/265 Bellinda TH - breast enhancement cream - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/596 Bioretin - rejuvenating cream mask IT - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1435 ES - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1438 RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1630 One-Two Slim - weight loss treatment IT - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1106 LV - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/897 Health Papaya Capsule PH - anti-parasite product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1363 Hondrocream - arthritis product BG - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/232 AL - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1125 Tinedol - antifungal solution GE - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/850 CZ - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1062 BG - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1066 Bactefort - anti-parasite product DE - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/972 CZ - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/999 RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/976 Be patient, greatful and sure in your future profit!😉
MAC 2018: GOLD SPONSORSHIP Hello guys! We’re happy to share extremely inspiring information and we’d like to present you our first 20 GOLD sponsors! You can meet the representatives from Russian and international companies at the exhibition. Every company participant is preparing something extraordinary to amaze the guests and we always try to help them! Admitad.com – TOP CPA network, the main direction: e-commerce AffiliaXe.com – CPA network, the main direction – lead generation around the world Avazuinc.com – the international affiliate network, the main direction: pin submits and soi GridCash.net – the affiliate network which can monetize your traffic using cryptocurrency from the browsers! Eduqram.com – the affiliate network which let you earn working with educational traffic LosPollos.com – the dating affiliate network, perfect for mix of international traffic ProfitSocial.com – the affiliate network which works with dating traffic, giving about 100% conversions using CPA model via smart-link AlfaConvert.com – the affiliate network with unique mobile offers, this company is an expert in mobile programmatic AdvertMobile.net – the modern platform which promotes mobile games ZaleyCash.com – the financial service which let you work with the most popular networks and replenish your balance with the same account DirectAffiliate.com – CPA network with the wide diversity of COD offers and Euro and BTC payouts Exoclick.com – one of the biggest and popular adult traffic source worldwide TrafficStars – one of the leading programmatic platform monetizing mobile traffic around the world Spiroox.com – the global technological buying platform, more than 5000 offers in the entire world Voluum.com – TOP trecker and analytic platform of optimization and mediabuying which is perfect for native advertising Thank you for your support and confidence! You have the opportunity to meet these heroes of the affiliate market on the 29th of March in Moscow! See you! #moscowaffiliateconference2018 #affiliateconf #MAC #MAC2018
INDIA AFFILIATE CONFERENCE 2018 SUMMARY Hey guys! We've just come back from New Delhi. India Affiliate Conference 2018 was held there on the 9th of February💥 We're ready to share our impressions and experience with you!😉 You can read more about the conference and check out some photos here - http://blog.leadbit.com/2018/02/12/india-affiliate-conference-2018-summary Special thanks to our great partners and extremely advanced event organizers - Traffic Cardinal and team of Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit & STM Guys we're happy to be a great part of affiliate marketing history with you! We surely create the future together💪 #Leadbit #Leadbitinasia #event #Leadbitevent #CPA #Affiliatemarketing #India #IndiaAffiliateConference
That day was so exiting! Thank you guys for attend our first affiliate event in India, we won’t to stop, so see you the next time in India 😜 #Leadbit #leadbitteam #moscowaffiliateconference
TOP OFFERS - EUROPE Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! It's said that to understand Europe you need to be a Frenchman. But it's not exactly the truth! We can deal with it without French nationality because we have TOP offers Europe!💥 The European ladies of all the ages are dreaming of the perfect shapes, their men are dreaming of being heroes in bed, only retired people are worrying about their joints dreaming of lazy long walks😊 Pay your attention to the Eastern Europe, there aren't any serious competition on these GEOs💪 The portrait of typical nutra Europe is here! Just take on these offers and start working successfully! Health Hondrocream BG - arthritis product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/232 Hondrocream LT - arthritis product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/680 Hondrocream GR - arthritis product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/350 Bactefort CZ - anti-parasite product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/999 Beauty Fitospray RO - weight loss spray - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/220 Fitospray DE - weight loss spray - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/275 One-Two Slim IT - weight loss treatmen - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1106 Bioretin IT - rejuvenating cream mask - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1435 Adult Erogan RO - potency treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/305 Erogan ES - potency treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/307 Erogan GR - potency treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/313 Erogan HU - potency treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/303 Maxisize IT - penis enlargement cream - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/279 Machoman DE - penis enlargement product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/263 Erogan BG - potency treatment product - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/306 Have the conversions which will be higher than the Alps!
LEADBIT BOMBS Ugh! We have extremely hot news today! Who run the CPA world? #Leadbitgirls, of course 😉 Meet our real #dreamteam, our fair ladies - Olga, Alina, Anastasia and Kristina! Perfect #Leadbit managers always are on their guard! These girls are ready to answer all possible questions, to help to find profitable traffic sources and GEOs, to help to set up extra services and just to cheer up you in the battle for the leads💪 They exactly know sense in the high conversions and nice rates, and they're ready to amaze you soon! Ask them any questions bravely and follow @leadbit_girls on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/leadbit_girls They share the details of their working days and professional events there with humor and ease😍 #Leadbitteam #CPA #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #network #nutra #Instagram