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Дмитрий Романов

Саппорт реально молодцы, очень много помогли по буржу, дали информацию для старта по Венгрии и Австрии, очень широкое гео, выплаты наладил каждую неделю на Вебмани.

Екатерина Басова

Молодцы ребята, я даж не представляю, сколько нужно усилий, чтобы держать на плаву столько гео. Работаю с ними с момента появления. Поначалу были недоработки и косяки, но все решалось. Видно, что прогресс не стоит на месте – новые гео, классные офферы, стабильные выплаты. Рекомендую


Лидбит всегда отношу к числу лучших партнерок по моим личным критериям – с комфортными, стабильными условиями для работы, вполне достойным апрувом, функциональным рабочим кабинетом и мощной статистикой для оперативного внесения необходимых корректив.


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NEW OFFER FOR EUROPE - EROFERTIL Hey! It's time to make the autumn period more lively! We have launched a new adult product for Europe called Erofertil. Yes, the niche is not new, but the audience is still hungry for new products, that’s why these pills will definitely please the hot European hearts. As usual. we ready to discuss the terms of promotion individually: rates, bundles, fixed approval rates etc ;) Follow the link for check hew offer https://goo.gl/NJdxfs More than 15 countries are on the list for testing ad campaigns: - Czech Republic - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Portugal - Spain - Slovenia - Germany - Slovakia - Bulgaria - France - Poland - UK - Romania - Hungary - Croatia - Greece - Italy Start your working week with a great deal - cut the money on a hot audience. Don't waste your time! Start to test offers, find the most profitable approach and earn the huge profit, yeah! Have a great week! #Leadbit #gifts #top #points #offers #Leadbitteam #Leadbitgroup #CPA #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #COD #cashondelivery #nutra
Hey guys, We are glad to announce that more gifts are now available in Leadbit store! http://leadbit.com/store Guess what’s new? The latest Apple gadgets of course, iPhone XS, X MAX, Apple Watch Series 3 are already available for order, find it on your personal Leadbit account. It’s pretty easy to get the newest iPhone or Apple Watch: 1. Run our offers 2. Earn real money 3. Collect points for each confirmed lead 4. Exchange points for whatever you want in Leadbit Store Skype your AM for more details ;) So turn on Flash Mood, send a rush of traffic to Leadbit’s offers and take away your gifts. We have prepared for you even more prizes, stay tuned ;) #Leadbit #gifts #top #points #offers #Leadbitteam #Leadbitgroup #CPA #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #COD #cashondelivery #nutra
MEET LEADBIT ASIAN TEAM AT INDIA AFFILIATE SUMMIT 2018 As you all know well, Asian Market is worth going this last time - full of events, affiliates and new connections! So we’re back this week from ASAPAC18 show in Singapore and recap of this event is coming really soon. But! Tomorrow, we're going to attend India Affiliate Summit - one of the biggest Asian conferences! Two days of networking, exhibition and panel discussions will take your earnings for the new level. We hope it so. ;) If you will be there as well, you definitely need to catch up our Asian Team - Ayan and Kanika. To set up a quick meeting in advance just ping Ayan by email a.ganguli@leadbit.com or Skype live:a.ganguli, don’t be shy! ;) To sum up: When? 11th - 12th of October Where? Leela Ambience, Gurugram Who? Leadbit team, of course. Let’s figure out the newest ways of breaking the money limits together - that’s the reason to see each other tomorrow! #Leadbit #Leadbitteam #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitcom #CPA #COD #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #cashondelivery #LeadbitinAsia #IAS18
TOP OFFERS - SWEEPSTAKES SEPTEMBER'18 High five to all! We're finishing the week of September tops with hot top sweepstakes! As we found out before, sweepstakes are the most profitable thing among the mobile subscriptions. There are a lot of people, who may sell their souls to the devil only because of a new iPhone or other free and cool thing! There is a really huge audience of different ages, from different countries. Why are you still waiting for a miracle? Go ahead and grab the mobile profit right now ;) iPhone X or iPhone 8 ZA - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/2098 Edeka 500euro voucher DE - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1903 iPhone X IT - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/2031 Stop talking, these sweepstakes are made for work! If you aren't confident that you can do it well, read our guide here - http://blog.leadbit.com/mobile-offers-the-ultimate-guide, take the useful bonuses from our partners and start earning! Big opportunities - big money! Just do it))) #Leadbit #Leadbitmobile #Leadbitteam #Leadbitgroup #mobilemarketing #TOP #TOPoffers #mobileoffers #mobilesubscription #sweepstakes
TOP OFFERS - FINANCE SEPTEMBER'18 Of course, you may make big money! But making big money with great finance offers is easier than you think! While CPA community is networking and partying in Kiev at our MAC 2018, we continue to give you the new top of financial offers) In September financial offers became more popular and brought some of you the real "mountain" profit! The offers with payouts for a credit are more profitable in this month: MoneyMan RU - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1972 Zaymer RU - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1864 WebBankir RU - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/2035 AlexCredit UA - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1976 Kviku RU - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/2004 We hope that you remember that you don't need to hurry up with financial offers! We're sure that our managers can help you to prepare the reliable platform to start for you. The most profitable way of working with MFI offers is a showcase. There is no the best traffic sources - everything depends on you and your possibilities. Our finance offers work well 💵 Join the club! #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #Leadbitfinance #finance #financialoffers #CPA #affiliatemarketing #MFI
THE MOBILE OFFERS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE The whole September we gave you a lot of useful information about the mobile offers and about the work with them. It's time to sum up - the mobile marketing is profitable, it's not difficult, if you begin wisely. To gather all possible advice in the same place, we have decided to make the full guide - http://blog.leadbit.com/mobile-offers-the-ultimate-guide. #Leadbit #Leadbitmobile #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #mobile #mobileoffers #mobilesubscriprion #1clickflow #2clickflow #sweepstakes #guide #ultimateguide
TOP OFFERS - MOBILE SUBSCRIPTION SEPTEMBER'18 Say hi! Let's mix boring October days with hot top of mobile offers! The previous month the users were super affected by some mobile offers we have. That's why we made September top offers easy! 2-click flow/MX - http://www.leadbit.com/offer/wm/1876 1-click flow/IT - http://www.leadbit.com/offer/wm/2128 2-click flow/ZA - http://www.leadbit.com/offer/wm/2130 Obviously, people try to avoid the autumn depression and sadness that's why entertaining and adult content is on top. Ready, aim, Mobile offers - fire!💥 #Leadbit #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitteam #Leadbitmobile #mobile #mobileoffers #mobilesubscriptions #1clickflow #2clickflow #CPA #affiliatemarketing #mobilemarketing
hi everyone!
TOP OFFERS - NUTRA SEPTEMBER'18 Hello guys! We begin eventful September with traditional top offers. Nutra rules! In September there were three top GEO: Romania in Europe and Vietnam + Indonesia in Asia. Hurry up to know more details about these offers and enjoy high conversions and profit! Whitehat Electricity Saving Box VN - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1102 Dynamite RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1521 Silane Guard CZ - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1803 Beauty Bellinda VN - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/579 Bust Size PH - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1395 Welltox RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1049 Green Coffee ID - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1299 Dietonus PT - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1840 Health Detoxant VN - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1774 Artrovex RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1786 Hondrocream RO - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/222 Adult Erogan IT - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/317 Erogan ID - http://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1021 Maxisize CO - https://leadbit.com/offer/wm/841 Go and get your profit! All possible conditions for your succes are in Leadbit - the offers for different audience, wide choice of the profitable GEOs, nice recommendations and advice from our super managers 💥 #TOP #TOPoffers #Leadbit #Leadbitteam #Leadbitgroup #Leadbitoffers #COD #cashondelivery #nutra
The first day of #ASAPAC is happening right now. A lot of local affiliates and companies are there! We’d be happy to meet new publishers and brands which have any ideas how to earn money with the nutra campaigns. MeetMarket Table 19, you have only one last hour to meet #leadbitteam there. Come on! 😉 #affiliatesummit #affiliatesummitapac #asapac #asapac18 #affiliatesummitapac2018 #leadbitgroup #leadbitgirls #cpa #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #cashondelivery #internetmarketing #cod #affiliatemarketer #traffic