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Hello, partner! We’re starting a new offer - the multifunction watch Smart Watch V8. They’re synchronized with Android and iPhone. Geo: IT ES PL HU SI RO GR HR BG To get more information contact your account manager. #TerraLeads #CPA #WhiteHat #NewOffer
Hi, partner! Cloakit.space cloaking service gives you a lifelong 40% off for every tariff. With Cloakit.space you can: ✔ Work through the cloud; ✔ Redirect any amount of traffic, thanks to our powerful servers; ✔ Work with Facebook, Instagram, Google and other ad platforms; ✔ View detailed real-time statistics; ✔ Keep in touch with technical support at all stages of setup and use. We also prepared an instructional video about the launch of the cloak on our slimmer in Europe. You can watch the guide by this link: https://youtu.be/MyIAA7xhY_M You can ask your account manager for your discount code and extra bonus. #TerraLeads #CloakIT #CPA
Hello, partner. According to the latest data, we came out on top in the voting from Affbank, and all this thanks to you! But it’s too early to relax, the voting is going on. Vote for Terra Leads, as the best nutra affiliate network, by clicking on this link: https://awards.affbank.com/ The poll will take place until June, 20 #TerraLeads #AffiliateAwards #CPA
Hello, partner. We are going to Barcelona for the Affiliate World Europe conference! AWE is the offline meeting place for the world’s top digital marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Not only can you get useful information from the masters of their craft, but also personally get to know our team. We have prepared some great deals and awesome souvenirs, especially just for you. Meeting place: Barcelona, stand C31 Date: July 8-9 Looking forward to meeting you! #AWE #TerraLeads #CPA
Hello partner! We are launching a new offer in public - Flawless BROWS eyebrow trimmer. Available in Europe: ES, RO, IT, HU, GR, BG, SI, PL, HR. Creatives for Flawless BROWS are already in your personal account. #TerraLeads #new_offer #CPA #WhiteHat
Hello partner! We have a new white-hat offer for you - I7S TWS wireless headphones. Available in 8 European countries: ES, RO, IT, HU, GR, HR, BG, SI. Do not miss your chance to earn good money! Contact your personal manager to learn the details. #TerraLeads #CPA
Hi, partner. Properly selected music track stimulates productive work. Our partner agrees with this and has already exchanged his t-coins for Apple AirPods headphones. If you want cool presents too, than: ● Upload on our offers; ● Gather bonuses; ● Exchange it for presents. Use opportunities as much as you can! Get more with TerraLeads. #TerraLeads #TerraStore #CPA
Hi, partner. May ends and begins hot summer! Already managed to buy everything you need to relax? Take an example from our partner who has accumulated t-coins and exchanged them for a cool surfboard in TerraStore! We think his vacation will be really memorable. With TerraLeads you always get more! #TerraLeads #TerraStore #CPA
Today's selection of books is devoted to time management and motivation. We read and comment.📚 1. Alan Rand. "Atlas Shrugged" 2. David Allen "How to put things in order" 3. Regina Leeds. "Full order. Weekly plan to combat chaos at work, at home and in my head. " Briefly about each book: 📖 Alan Rand. "Atlas Shrugged" Artistic novel, motivates to achieve everything with their work, to trust their own experience, opinion and reason, and not to expect help from someone. An interesting fact is the fact that the final speech of one of the main characters was written for over 5 years. The book, at the same time, entertaining and stimulating to action. 📖 David Allen. "How to put things in order" The book describes the technique “Getting Things Done”. The author worked on it for 20 years. The main thing in the methodology is to collect all the cases in a reliable system outside your head and mind, and also to have a plan of current actions that can be implemented immediately or if you wish to reconsider at any time. This frees up time to do what you love and prevents stress. 📖 Regina Leeds. "Full order. Weekly plan to combat chaos at work, at home and in my head. " The book is written for practitioners. The author gives the reader 2 tasks that he must complete in a week. One concerns work, and the second household chores. By completing the assigned tasks, you gradually begin to rake a mess in all aspects of your life, set priorities, correctly conduct work processes and learn to take responsibility when making an important decision. #terraleads #books #must_read
Hello partner! Terra Leads participates in the first international online Affiliate Awards 2019 from Affbank Real leaders are defined here and their contribution to the affiliate marketing is encouraged. Vote for us in the “Best Product CPA Network” nomination on the Affiliate Awards website until June 20. Every vote is important to us. Go to the vote on the link: https://awards.affbank.com/ #TerraLeads #AffiliateAwards #CPA