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A large-scale conference CPA Life is close, where our CEO TerraLeads, Yevhenii Mykytenko, will talk about the future of nutra on foreign markets 💰 As relevant as ever! Our team will wait for you to visit our booth № 11. See you in St. Petersburg! #terraleads
Our partner's first success in Instagram. Сase about the TOP offer in the diet category ‒ ChocoLite.
Today our CEO, Yevhenii Mykytenko, shared his valuable insight with the speech "10 mistakes advertisers make that can destroy business on foreign markets". Everything of genius is simple! 🤓 But there are 10 fateful mistakes advertisers make at the standard stages of their work: the choice of vertical, model, offers, setting call-centers work, and others. Therefore, the only way to avoid these same mistakes is to think 10 times and then make a step. #terraleads
The ability to express one's thoughts "on paper" ✍🏻 won't do harm to anyone. Especially to affiliate marketer, who creates dozens of materials for ad campaigns every day. Therefore, we've selected three great books to improve your copywriting skills. Let's read: 1) Joseph Sugarman. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's Top Copywriters 2) David Ogilvy. Confession of an Advertising Man 3) Drew Eric Whitman. Ca$hvertising 🦉 Joseph Sugarman. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook The author tells a step-by-step story of how the flawless advertisements are created. From this book, you will learn the working methods and tools, in terms of which your texts will sell what you need. 🦉 David Ogilvy. Confession of an Advertising Man Ogilvy turns advertising business inside out and tells how to conquer your client by creating a perfect ad campaign. And the convincing text is an integral part of it. Because only an advertising that makes you believe will succeed. 🦉 Drew Eric Whitman. Ca$hvertising ONE: "Unless your headline sells your product, you have waisted 90% of your money. Put your biggest benefit in your headline." TWO: "Consumers buy based on what the product will do for them, not on what ingredients it has". THREE: If you want more hands-on tips to improve your copywriting techniques and make your ads more attractive to your target audience, do not hesitate to start reading Ca$hvertising right away! #terraleads #mustread
One our partner can't stop making orders from #TerraStore 📱 And this is the seventh present he has gotten. Collect t-coins and beat the records!
On Friday, April 20, our CEO Yevhenii Mykytenko will come up to the stage at GuruConf 😎 The topic he will cover is "10 mistakes advertisers make that can destroy business on foreign markets" ‒ it will be useful to everyone. See you in Kiev! #terraleads
🔥Choco-Spring🔥 From April 14th to May 31st participate in a contest and win one of the three iPhone X (or 28 000 t-coins). Contest conditions: - run traffic to the TOP offer in the diet category - ChocoLite (all GEOs participate in the contest). - those partners who made 500 approves during the contest are eligible to participate in the lottery. Contest results are to be published on June 1st. Three winners will get an iPhone X or 28 000 t-coins on their balance. #terraleads
For a lead website your UX is terrible. Couldn't navigate anywhere so left. Did you actually test this site design before you launched it LOL
PS4 is the most popular present in our #TerraStore. And the fact that three gaming consoles 🎮 found their happy owners at the same time is a direct proof of it. #terraleads
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