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Hello partner! No ideas for another creative? Then take part in the drawing of three licenses for the Idvert spy service. IIdvert is a useful tool that will help you peep other people's creatives, provide information about competitors and their promoting ways. The winners get a trial month from Idvert and a second month license from Terra Leads! To participate in the draw, like and repost this publication. The winner will be chosen 02.09.19 by using the Random.org service. Good luck! #TerraLeads #CPA #Idvert
Hello partner! Especially for you, we have selected 3 books that will teach you how to think creatively and generate new ideas quickly. Read and brainstorm in the comments 📚 1. «Think like a Freak» by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. 2. «Steal like an artist» by Austin Kleon. 3. «The Rice assault and another 21 way to think outside the box» by Michael Michalco. A brief review of each book: 📖 «Think like a Freak» by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. «Think like a Freak» is an extremely comical and intellectual easy reading for those who are dead tired of the academic manner of presentation. The book will teach you how to solve problems in a non-standard way: to look at them from another angles, to look for unusual approaches and not to take even the most authoritative statements as an axiom. Take note of it, read and learn how to think like a freak. 📖 «Steal like an artist» by Austin Kleon. You don’t have to be a genius to create a converting creative for an offer. Be yourself and take advantage of the tips from the book, where the author showed how to develop your creativity with the help of «theft» of ideas. Any well-known story can be retold, refreshed and updated. And this will already be your own intellectual product, which has its original semantic coloring. Everything ingenious is simple. 📖 «The Rice assault and another 21 way to think outside the box» by Michael Michalco. The book will teach you how to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to problems in any situation. It is written for practitioners and it encourages your creativity to be shown thanks to the interesting tasks thrown in each chapter. We can say that the book is a step-by-step instruction on the use of the technology with examples of various stories. It won’t be boring. #terraleads #books #must_read
Hello partner! Raise your income with the new Terra Leads offer - Fast Hair Straightener. Geo: IT PL RO HU BG SI HR GR Also, do not forget about our bonus system and get cool gifts for leads. For more information, contact your personal account manager. #TerraLeads #new_offer #white_hat #CPA
Hello partner! Looking for a stable profit? Then you came to the right address. We are announcing a new offer - SPA Shower. Geo: IT RO PL HU SI HR BG GR For more information, contact your personal account manager. #TerraLeads #new_offer #white_hat #CPA
Hello partner! We have developed the Own It simulation game, where you have to create your own affiliate program and face all the difficulties of the affiliate marketing world. Each of your decisions will lead to three different outcomes and affect the final of the game. We have prescribed nine endings in which you can end up as a successful owner of affiliate program or a loser with broken dreams. Stock up on popcorn, click on the link below and try to end the game with a «happy end». You will find many interesting twists: https://games.terraleads.com/game/own-it #TerraLeads #CPA #TerraGames
Hi, partner. We have created for you the game «Zuck&Berg», where you have to go all the publisher’s way from a newbie to the top who has his own agency. There are three ways to get a game: ✔ get in the special edition format as a souvenir at any niche conferences where the Terra Leads takes part; ✔ download the online version of «Zuck&Berg» at Terra Games; ✔ exchange t-coins for the special edition version at the Terra Store. Our guys from the team tested the game themselves: getting into the ban was minimal but approving was high! Are you so lucky? So enjoy the game and wait for another cool project from Terra Leads. #TerraLeads #TerraGames #TerraStore
Hello partner! We are launching in public a new offer for those who always forget to charge the phone. Meet E-Charge Wallet - a purse with a built-in power bank. It is available in 8 geo: IT HU PL SI HR GR BG RO For more information, contact your personal account manager. Have a good profit! #TerraLeads #new_offer #white_hat #CPA
Hello partner! Drive your traffic towards our new offer - Bite Helper, and get feedback in the form of good profit. Geo: IT PL HU RO BG GR SI HR You can learn about deductions and bonuses on the offer from your personal manager. Successful launches! #TerraLeads #new_offer #white_hat #CPA
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Hello partner! Terra Store has a lot of gifts for each of our affiliates. One of them has already traded his T-coins for a robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. Now your free time from cleaning can be spent on rest or checking stats. Choose your gift from a thermocup to a BMW i3 or even a yacht! With Terra Leads, you get more. #TerraLeads #TerraStore #CPA