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Hello partner! It's time to talk about the Affiliate Awards 2019! Voting for the best CPA service, advertising network and affiliate program will last from February 4 to March 12, 2019 - take part in it and you! Now tell what's what. Affiliate Awards 2019 is the first annual award in the field of Affiliate Marketing and CPA. Contestants undergo a tough selection, and the winners in each of the 13 nominations secure the status of the favorite for the upcoming season. The best are nominated, the strongest win! Voting takes place in three stages: 70% of the rating is determined by voting on the site; 20% of the rating is determined by an authoritative jury that assesses the growth dynamics of the affiliate program and key changes for the year; 10% of the rating is determined by the guests of the awards ceremony. By the way, becoming a member of the jury is much more difficult and prestigious than getting into the nomination! And it was succeeded by Gene Mikitenko, CEO of Terra Leads. Do you think this is our direct path to victory? Nah! Just a reason for pride 😉 It’s impossible to vote for your “child” - everything is strict and objective. But you can vote for Terra. Once and using your Facebook account - no cheating. So find us in the nomination “The Best Product CPA Network” and give your vote with confidence! Counting on you 😉 Go to the vote on the link: www.gdetraffic.com/affiliate_awards_2019
Hello partner! We are ready to share our experiences, ups and downs! If you are interested, then read the “bloodbath” article and make conclusions! Hello everyone! 🤘 Everyone loves Christmas and New Years, because they are the Holidays of Magic ... 🎉 and blah blah blah, fuck preludes. 🖕 Closer to the case, closer to the body The case will have a minimum of water and a maximum of “BLOOD” What are we doing? By the Pareto principle, as well as all affiliate marketer - 80% of garbage and 20% of launches) We were uploading, as usual, adult things namely: miracle creams for little Thai pistols. Do you know that feeling when everything is perfect and there are no problems? So I do not know it ... One fine afternoon, my brothers from Terraleads write to me: “Yo, bro, we have an issue here, the goods are quickly being sold, that's why we set a cap in 50 leads per day for you oh yes ...! AHAHAHA)) ” And then I lost the last remaining hair on my already almost bald head ... But, I gathered the will into a fist and decided that we would be good ✊ Offer: DEEPER TH Land + Preland - Oh no way I'm gonna tell youl) But no one said that I would not give a hint;) # Pale Take top lands / prerlands from managers and customize them, because “Your own promo always converts better” Target: mainly men 18+ Best converts age 25-55 In short, the results were as follows: COST: 5567.79 ATTENTION! Remove children and noobs from the monitors, as well as arbitrators with a weak heart! REVENUE: 25841.0 PROFIT: 20273.21 ROI: 364.12% (currency: American dead presidents) Approval turned to be 55.95%🔥 What I think is quite good http://joxi.ru/1A5OjR1TnVxBzm Yes, all of us were not without sin, and on some days there were over uploads, but overall for a month we had 63.3 leads per day on the tracker. Which we earned good on (P.S. this is only 1 PP and 1 offer we worked with) We survived as best we could ... There were days when we came to 600 leads a day, but I’ll tell you a secret: I had to sniff me... "energy drinks", so as not to sleep all night, run and jerk off on the stats, in time (about 3 am) to transfer traffic to another PP But it is another story. P.S.S. Terra Leads promises in January-February will be hot for adult! 🚀 And by tradition, catch some of our creatives that we were using: http://joxi.ru/L21ZM3lC8E3eKA http://joxi.ru/12M3XV4UMZWvvr http://joxi.ru/EA43Ea1Uw3kdK2
Hello partner! You still have a chance to take part in a cool promotion from Terra Leads and win an iPhone XS Max 512 or 27k t-coins for exchange in the Terra Store. The terms are absolutely simple: Actively upload traffic on promotional offers. Thereby accumulate lottery tickets, which are credited for every hundred approves on these offers. After all, every ticket earned increases your chance of winning. Hurry up! The drawing of prizes from Terra Leads is valid until February 28, 2019. Details at the personal manager.
Hello partner! There is an advantageous offer for you if you upload traffic from pushes. And if you don’t, then it's time to start! Our friends from RichPush.co are happy to provide you with 14% of bonus payment from the first deposit of them. For example, you top up $ 300 to the account, and you get $ 342. Why is profitable and convenient for you such an investment in push notifications from RichPush.co? The guys have the user base 100% cleaned from all bots, only "live" traffic. They work with 250 geo - of course Europe, and also Asia, the CIS, the USA and others. A variety of verticals - all your favorite nutra offers and dating, gambling and sweepstakes, blockchain, etc. Responsive and competent support - provided personal manager, access to the general chat, and more. Clear conversion tracking and detail settings so that every dollar spent pays off. Visit https://richpush.co/ to get the details, or contact your personal Terra Leads manager. Hurry to feel special and get a little more than others, as is usually the case with our partners 😉
Hello partner! Catch the favorable conditions for the anti-detect browser Linken Sphere. This solution will facilitate many routine tasks. Save a lot of time and effort when working with social networks, search engines and advertising. And over the next week it will be possible to save money on its purchase. Only for Terra Leads partners, browser developers offer a 7% discount on any tariff plan and another 10% of its cost is returned to your account in the system. In a week, conditions will also be beneficial, namely: -5% for the tariff plan and all the same 10% cashback. Promo code for Linken Sphere at a discount, ask your personal Terra Leads manager. A comprehensive browser manual is available at Linken Sphere.
Hello partner! Well, the Christmas holidays are over and it's time to start the new year with new victories! For example, in the Winter's Cup promotion, where three IPhone XS Max 512 are drawn. We varied the number of promotional offers, otherwise the conditions have not changed: Upload traffic actively to offers designated as participating in the promotion; collect lottery tickets, which are accrued for every hundred approves on these offers; win in the final draw, when out of all the tickets three winners randomly will be choosed. The more tickets you will collect by the end of the promotion on February 28, 2019, the higher your chances of getting a brand new iPhone or 27k t-coins to exchange in the Terra Store. Start the Winter's Cup competition right now, and if you have any questions, contact your personal manager.
Hello, partner! Let's sum up the outgoing year? It was unsurpassed - memorable and productive! Terra Leads consistently holds the lead among CPA nets working both for the Europe and for Asia. We are developing so that you will feel comfortable, secure and profitable with us. We launched dozens of new offers, including those for our own brand products. Everything is so that you can work with original interesting projects and receive high payments from it. Of course, the saving of t-coins for future exchange for pleasant gifts is on the run, and hundreds of packages sent to recipients are a special reason for pride. Of course, we have no less ambitious plans for the New 2019 year. Next year we will certainly please you with new offers that will blow up the market. Also a rather pleasant surprise will be opening of new geos. We strive to conquer new continents, so,write to your personal manager often and he will introduce you to the latest news. Stay with Terra Leads and keep earning more! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Greetings, partner! Let us summarize how many useful, entertaining and sometimes uncommon gifts were sent by the Terra Store this year. From ordinary backpacks and kitchen accessories to all sorts of household appliances, smartphones and playstation. There were purchases with t-coins of a sewing machine, a robot vacuum cleaner and an ironing station. We were glad to send our partners such expensive and original gifts as the Canadiana CS55800E snow plow and ARTLINE Gaming X78 v12 computer. The guys who chose it in the Terra Store, obviously, know a lot about work and entertainment. With a snow blower, a large yard can be cleaned of snow and icing in half an hour, and with the ARTLINE gaming computer you will not go out to the yard all winter;) We are glad to be involved not only in your earnings, but also in comfort, entertainment, prestige. All this is easily achievable with t-coins, which you receive for each approve on our offers. Exchange it in the Terra Store for everything that is not enough for happiness - from everyday gadgets to yachts and cars. Earn more. Get more. Stay with Terra Leads!
Hello partner! A week ago, the Terra Leads team returned from Bangkok. We exhaled, slept a little and ready to share our impressions and photos from AWA-2018. The first-class organized conference passed with positive emotions, was informative]. If you are passionate about CPA-business, such an event can not leave other impressions. Speakers' speeches, presentation of new products and networking fest were organized skillfully, all processes were debugged, communication was top notch. Traditionally, such events are completed by a grandiose party - at AWA-2018, it was distinguished by a special dynamic of entertainment activities. The atmosphere of #AWasia overcomes you completely - you plunge into the world of people with burning eyes, high goals, focused on innovation, income and development. From year to year AWA konfa serves as an unsurpassed opportunity to build up new contacts and get top offers in your portfolio. According to this plan, we acted this year. Colossal exchange of experience, contacts and plans for joint projects. Communication wasn’t finishing next to our booth, and in memory of the meeting, guests could get a corporate souvenir. Now our team is working to reach final agreements and fix them, set specific goals for cooperation and start a joint path with new partners to achieve it. A visit to #AWasia2018 was useful for Terra Leads and we didn’t expect anything else from such a trip!