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Hello partner! Made a selection of books about marketing. Reading and commenting📚 1.Daniel Kahneman. «Think slowly ... decide quickly» 2.Andy Sernovitz. «Word of mouth marketing. How smart companies make people talk about themselves» 3.Denis Saveliev, Yevgeny Kryukov. «100+ hacks for internet marketers. How to get traffic and convert it to sales » Brief Book Descriptions: 📖 Daniel Kahneman. «Think slowly ... decide quickly» The book will demonstrate the work of the mind: why we take irrational decisions and act thoughtlessly. This will make it possible to understand what drives people and how to influence them. 📖 Andy Sernovitz. «Word of mouth marketing. How smart companies make people talk about themselves» The book about the effect of word of mouth in business as an effective promotion technology. Written in the form of a practical guide with cases and proven tips. 📖 Denis Saveliev, Evgenia Kryukova. «100+ hacks for internet marketers. How to get traffic and convert it to sales» Useful book for the affiliate, made in the form of instructions. Follow it and increase your conversion. #terraleads #marketing #books #must_read
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